Love & kindness has no language

My office is literally a minute walk from my home. Every morning, I meet this sweet old lady on my way. We first started waving at each other and then smiled and now we stop and talk to each other. We don’t understand the language, because she speaks marathi and I speak english, however, it is quite nice to know there is still communication between us.


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The Journey

With certain ideas in my head and plenty of encouragement from my dad, I started my business. He was the one who initially setup my business, as he got done all the paperwork, legality and other details required for the formation of a private limited company. He pumped in money into my company. Honestly, besides writing I knew nothing. I had a vague idea of working in a cozy little office with some great people. It was my dream to think of a million ideas and see them transforming into something substantial.

However, I did not realize it will take me quite a few years to open my own office and appoint people in order to give shape to my dream. But thank god, I did manage to do that eventually.

Today, I can’t believe how far I have come. I have an office, a couple of people working and a dream to grow my business. Strange enough I’m not backed by any higher education or specialized education MBA or engineering degree and yet I have come so far.

A dream fueled by hard work and faith is sufficient to get you going on the path  you are meant to follow.  Irrespective of education, class, background, one can surely achieve their dreams if they have the will and desire to make it work.

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Random Musings

There are moments when we are absolutely alone. There is no one with us. Today is one of those days for me. I’m all alone, wholeheartedly present in the present moment.

It is just me, my quietness and my God. Although it is surprising that in today’s world where we are overwhelmed with the presence of technology in our lives, we can even find a moment of solitude.

In life’s rat race, we often lose count of what is truly important to us. What really matters to us. It is in these moments when you realize there is more to life than just what you think.

Therefore, if by chance you come across this short and small blog post, do take out few moments and indulge in the luxury of allowing your mind to wander of on a spectacular journey.

It may seem mindless, but I’m sure out of this mindless wander will emerge random musings and they may seem chaotic at first, however, on closer inspection you will find a pattern and out of that pattern will emerge a definite thought that will bring you closer to your purpose in life.


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It was not long ago

It was not long ago
when love eluded me

It was not long ago
when love knocked on my door

It was not long ago
when love was in the air

It was not long ago
when love was all I could think of

It was not long ago
when dark clouds hovered over sun-kissed valleys

It was not long ago
when love was struck with thunder and light

It was not long ago
when nights were spent in tears of agony

It was not long ago
when heart longed for a ray of hope

It was not long ago
when love failed to overcome fears

It was not long ago
when love was not sufficient anymore

It was not long ago
when memories only remained

It was not long ago
when nothing in life seemed fair

But, it isn’t no longer long ago
as nothing of the past matters anymore

A new beginning, a new hope, arise in my heart
The bleakness of yesteryears remains no more

You seem a stranger again
That drifted with a cloud faraway

All that remains is a lingering memory
of a distant dream that happened long ago!



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Where to begin?

Too many things have happened in the past six months. I want to write about so many things yet the right thoughts and the right words elude me. Half of this year seemed to have passed by in a blur interspersed with a bag of mixed emotions. Just like a full-fledged movie, we also tend to encounter so many different experiences in our life on a daily basis. At one moment we are joyous about something and the next moment we find ourselves mourning the loss of a near and loved one. One moment we are agitated and the next moment excited, one moment we are sad and the next moment joyous. One moment we don’t get time to breathe and are overworked and the next moment we are groaning at the loss of finding no work at all.

The dichotomy of life is spectacular yet strange, beautiful yet melancholic, hopeful yet despondent.

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Anticipating love


You feel love all around you

Yet, in love with no one particular

The anticipation of being in love

Makes you want to be in love

You revel in the present moment

And look forward to tomorrow

Waiting eagerly with expectancy

You had never known before

You dream of love

You think of love

Yet it is just a state of mind

With no one on the horizon

Or maybe someone is just around the corner

Waiting for your soul to spot him

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An elusive dream


A dream so pure, a dream so real
Feather light yet so surreal

Stretched my hand to capture it
Yet it made a hasty escape

Closed my eyes to revive it
But the magic of it eluded it

What was it, can’t seem to remember
Yet a sweet and vivid memory lingers

Wishing on the stars at night
Let me relive the dream again tonight

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What if?



What if I could churn back the wheel of time?
Would it make a difference of even a dime?

What if I could revisit the bylanes of history?
Would it still give birth to the same old mysteries?

What if I had the power to course a new direction?
Would I want to make a change to the present equation?

What if I decide to tread on a different path today?
Would it guarantee me contentment tomorrow?

What if regrets creep up in the new order of things?
Would I be willing to pay a price for tampering with destiny?

Oh I wonder what if I could do this and more.
Would my future still remain the same as before?



Freaky Thursday

4_sujata blog

We have all heard about Freaky Friday – The movie, well today I experienced Freaky Thursday.

I just now published a post on moving from one rented apartment to another and while I was in the process, I was thinking about how metaphor and simile are the same thing and if a rented home can be a metaphor for life. I was pondering on this thought and the next thing I get to see after publishing my previous post on my wordpress dashboard is:

A metaphor is like a simile.

Isn’t it freaky the thought that was in my mind a second back, WordPress seems to read my mind and show me the exact sentence, as a reference or a suggestion on the side bar.

How freaky is that? Imagine, the next gen computers reading your thoughts and laying it right in front of your even before you have spoken them!!!

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From one rented accommodation to another

3_Sujata blog


When the time comes to shift from one rented house to another, a strange kind of feeling engulfs you. You may have stayed for years but in a moment you are ready to pack your bags and leave. A rented house always remains a rented house, even though you may have stayed there for a couple of weeks, months or years. That place is never your own and you are never of that place. You know that many have come before you and many will come after you to make this rented accommodation their home. But the irony lies in the fact no matter how hard you try it never turns into a home; it always remains a house only. Undoubtedly, change remains the only inevitable constant for tenants like me who every few years flock to a new home in the same city or even a new city. I would say it is quite akin to life! Life is never stagnant and tenants are aware that their accommodation doesn’t remain stagnant too.

For many shifting or switching rented apartments is not a big deal, but for me it is. Having stayed at one home for years, it seems strange when it comes to shifting my residence. All of a sudden, I go into an introspective mood thinking what there was and what’s going to be especially when you are at a particular juncture. In my case, this particular juncture happens to be a state in my life where my permanent home in Delhi is being sold off and my temporary home in Bangalore is going to be rented out to someone in another month’s time.

That’s a lot to deal with, after all I spent some of the best years in my permanent home that won’t be my home any longer and I have some almost two substantial years in Bangalore in this present rented house. Substantial, because this rented place has taught me a lot of things. For one, I think I have matured considerably and yes I do believe that maturity has nothing to do with one’s age. Secondly, the inclination to cook was never there in me, but it is at this rented home with its large kitchen where I finally got down to cooking. Furthermore, if I may add at the cost of sounding boastful, I cook darn well!

On the other hand, melancholy doesn’t grip me for too long, as I do look forward to a new day, new place and a new home or rather a new rented house. The desire to see what the new house looks like and what does it have in store for me. Just like people enter into our lives for a particular season or a purpose, I believe that when we change houses, something similar takes place. There is a reason why we choose a certain rented house to live in and it goes beyond your usual requirements of location, accommodation, spaciousness, rooms etc. It has got to do with a certain aura that each home emanates and helps in fulfilling a certain objective in that stage of your life.

So, just the way we take what we need and leave what we don’t, I hope to take fond and memorable memories from my present temporary residence and move to another temporary residence in a brand new city called Belgaum!


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